5 Ways to Deal With Teens and Alcohol Over the Holidays

Yes, we all want to be merry around the holidays. We want to celebrate or forget the past year, hope for the best for the coming year and celebrate the holidays themselves. The last thing we want to bring to the proverbial holiday table is a dish of teen troubles. There is a lot of alcohol around during the holidays. The alcohol is often right near the soda or other drinks at get-togethers... or even near the milk in the fridge.

Yes, often, teens tell me that they get their alcohol at home. I am worried about teens having easier access to alcohol during the holidays and THAT leading to a number of problems including: car accidents, aggression, and bad judgment when making decisions, impulsive and reckless behavior and getting injured and/or overdosing.

So, what's a parent to do?

  1. Monitor the amount of alcohol in your home.
  2. Monitor your own level of alcohol intake. Your kids are watching you.
  3. Let your kids know that if there is even a suggestion that they may be drinking, and especially drinking and driving, that you will take the car keys away.
  4. Check backpacks as they leave your house and as they arrive home. Teens often use the trick of putting alcohol in their water bottles.
  5. Be awake and around to see what kind of condition your kids are in when they arrive home at night. While you are at it, check to see what their breath smells like.

Holidays may be a time for you and your kids to celebrate and be merry, but it is certainly not a time to lower your guard and let the alcohol flow. Watch yourself and your kids. There are all kinds of wonderful ways to have fun without drinking to excess.

Have a happy, safe holiday season!

By Barbara Greenberg, Ph.D.


FMAC is an acronym which stands for Fairfield Municipal Alliance Committee.  In 1989 legislation was adopted and created by the Governor’s Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse and the Municipal Alliance Network to Prevent Alcoholism and Drug Abuse.  Fairfield Municipal Alliance Committee is an authorized governing body of the Township of Fairfield which organizes and coordinates programs with the local schools, law enforcement agencies, recreation department, and other community organizations for the prevention and education in alcohol abuse, drug issues, family concerns, senior citizen support, and more…

FMAC sponsors many activities during the year, including; but, not limited to:

  • Too Good Education in our local grammar school
  • Too Good Hockey Night
  • Too Good  Halloween Party
  • Too Good Pool Party
  • FMAC Football Bowl
  • Too Good Graduation
  • School Programs on Bullying, Safety, and Cyber Safety Awareness
  • Senior Citizen Luncheon
  • And Much, Much, More!

The members of FMAC volunteer their time and work together to bring Fairfield these programs throughout the year.  We are only successful with the active support of our community and hope you will get to know us and support our efforts.  FMAC’s goal is to promote the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol, the harmful results of bullying and how to prevent it, and promoting cyber safety to our children while making Fairfield a safe haven for all with our programs.


Program Coordinator:     Denise Cafone

Chairperson:    Christine Lattimer

Vice Chairperson:   Chris Hricko

Secretary:  Kim Bush

Committee Members:  
Laura Barra, Kim Bush, Anne Marie Bastante, Paul Bastante, Don Cerone, Amar Coubati, Anthony DePascale, Danyel Dutcher, Anthony Depascale, Chris Garces, Manuel Guantez, Chris Hricko, Michael Lattimer, Lorely Machin, Tara Medina, Dawn Schettino,  Lisa Salvatoriello, Anita Stabile

Pat Freda - Board of Education Representative
Sarah Kirk - Churchill School Guidance Counselor
Councilman Thomas J. Morgan - Governing Body
Tony Pompei - Recreation Department
Police Chief Anthony Manna - Fairfield Police Department


Fairfield Municipal Alliance Committee